Richard Moore-Restoration Engineer



Mint Audio Restoration is run by sound engineer Richard Moore and as the name suggest specialises in Restoration of sound recordings.

I pride myself on the quality of the finished recordings I produce, with particular emphasis of not OVER restoring. I would much rather that a little bit of hiss or rumble for instance was left on the recording than the quality and integrity of the recording be damaged.

I can presently offer restoration of audio recordings on multiple formats. If in doubt drop me a line with details of your original recordings and I’ll let you know if I can help or not. E-mail

Some of the formats covered:

Reel To Reel Tape (in both professional and consumer formats)

- Dolby A & SR decoding available
Compact Cassette
Micro Cassette
Shellac Disc (16 rpm upwards)
Vinyl Disc (16 rpm upwards)
Video Tape (multiple formats)

Tape Baking also available.


Other services

As a sound engineer with more than 20 years experience I can offer my services in many other areas.

Recording engineer
Remix engineer (including 5.1 surround)
Remastering engineer
Tape Vault Research
Video Editing
DVD Authoring
Video Transfer (Multiple formats).

Once again if you want to know if I can help with anything just drop me a line and I’ll see if I can help. E-mail


This is not something that can be given as a list as there are too many variables. Once again drop me a line with details of your requirements and I can then work out the cost of a project for you. E-mail