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Born Free Cilla Black - Definitive At The BBC
Ultimate Performer (DVD) Live In Australia
Six In A Bar

Singers Singer Special Edition


Michele Monro has written her father's biography published by Titan Books in January. This will be followed in February by a special edition which includes a second book co-authored by Michele and I. The book includes a full anotated sessin listing for all known recordings by Matt Monro. It also includes a CD of very rare material that I have restored.

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The Complete Singles Collection


5CD set remastered from original session tapes and mixdown masters including rare and previously unreleased stereo mixes.

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The Greatest


25 track TV Advertised compilation once again remastered from original session and mixdown masters.

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Born Free


Consists of three sets of recordings.

1. Live recordings with Johnnie Spence - 1961

2. Soundtrack from Australian TV Co

3. Live recordings from Manila - 1983

The Johnnie Spence and Manila recordings were remastered from cassettes owned by the Monro estate. The work was carried out for One Media Publishing who originally leased these recordings for download only purposes. However they have now sublicenced the recordings to the Delta Music Group who have issued the above CD.

Remastering notes here

Cilla Black Definitive Collection


The DVD included in this set was authored by me from original BBC masters.

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Matt At The BBC


A CD and DVD set. The Audio was restored from BBC transcription discs. I also authored the DVD for this set.

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Matt Monro - The Ultimate Performer (DVD)


I acted as an uncredited archive consultant for the DVD, which also incuded an audio CD of an edited version of "Yesterday - the Legendary Manila Concert"

Live In Australia


Remastered from a cassette tape from the estate archives recorded directly from the mixing desk in 1984. This recording should not be confused with the soundtrack of the 1967 Australian TV concert.

Full restoration details here

Six in A Bar plus One - Get Out There and Dance

Six in a Bar

A new recording by seven piece Jazz band led by Mike Lovall

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