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Latest Matt Monro project.

Since last April I have been working on a side project for future inclusion in a book by Matt Monro's Daughter.

This project has been research into the complete studio recording sessions by Matt Monro. A by product of this was the tracking down of a number of unreleased recordings, three of which appear on this new CD Set along with previously unreleased stereo mixes and first time on CD stereo mixes.

Matt Monro JnrNow available on iTunes

Matt Monro Jnr Album

In September I was asked by Matt Monro Jnr if I could master his new album "If He Could See Me Now". For various reasons the album was only completed a few weeks before his latest tour. In order for the CD to be ready in time for the first night I had to turn round the whole project in two days.

The Producer sent me the 24bit masters and three days later the whole project was at the duplicators.

Not only did I master the album in this time but 2 complete sets of backing tracks (with and without vocals) for promotional use too!

Flanders and Swann

Flanders and Swann - Hat Trick.

This is a project I have been working on for nearly 5 years. Whilst I did not restore the material on his set which was on this occasion tackled by Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios i worked as consultant and Vault researcher for the set. It started in about 2002 when Leon Berger from the Estates of Michael Flanders and Donald Swann asked if I could look at some of the material that the estate owned and see what would clean up well. Working from CDR transfers of the tapes, I found that much of this material (dating back to the 1940's!) was, underneath the hiss and crackle, of very good quality.

Whilst the EMI Tape Vaults are fully catalogued and computerised - however the computer records are only as good as the person who entered them. This means that there are quite a few mistakes and finding the best tapes is not always easy. The print outs provided to the estate were as clear as mud (mud glorious mud) and so I was set the task of deciphering them, on the way discovering a few unreleased gems that appear on this set.

I was also charged with writing some technical notes for the booklet that due to reasons of space were not eventually included but I hope to post here in future. However much of my research was included in the notes that are in the booklet.

Unfortunately for contractual reasons I was unable to work on the restoration of this set, but I hope to work with the estate on other material in the future. It is gratifying to note that Peter Mew took some of my restorations as a bench mark for what could be achieved!

Articles Elsewhere

In recent months I have written a couple of articles for the Matt Monro Website which appear here and from 1st November 07 here.


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