Richard Moore-Restoration Engineer


About Richard Moore

A Brief Biography

Richard Moore was born in Leicester in 1972 and was educated in both Leicester and Hereford (where he was a chorister at the Cathedral).

He has worked as a sound engineer in various capacities for near 20 years. He was made Head of Sound at his local ‘Little Theatre’ at the age of 15 and at the age of 18 took his first sound engineering course at SAE in London. This led to a second course in 1992/3 in Advanced Sound Engineering at ALCHMEA in Islington where he was one of the first students and even helped build the studios!

After gaining this diploma (with distinction) he began working as a freelance assistant engineer working with various artists at several studios around the country, particularly Square Centre in Nottingham and Jacob’s in Surrey.

In 1995 he became a staff engineer at ‘Blackpool Winter Gardens’ where he worked on everything from Pantos to Party Conferences. Whilst this was mainly live work he also worked as their recording specialist.

In 2000 he left the “Winter Gardens” to work for Blackpool Borough Council and LEA - where he currently works as a recording engineer for both Bispham High School Arts College (also running a recording studio there) and Blackpool Music Service (covering sound and technical requirements across the borough) - and also as a freelance engineer.

His career in Audio Restoration began as a side line, Although it has alway been an interest (he has a very indepth knowledge of recording history). A number of years ago he was asked to help restore some material from the Peter Sellers archive and later the Estate of Flanders and Swann.

The quality of his work was recognised as being of such quality that he has since begun to work with the estate of Matt Monro and EMI records Ltd amongst others.

Restoration work is beginning to take up more and more of his time and is beginning to take over from all his other work.

Recent work has included transfers for the Cyril Stapleton and Roy Budd estates and transfers and restoration work for June Marlow.

(Updated August 2011)

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